Our Curricula:

       • Teaches America’s Godly Heritage.

       • Emphasizes character, health, success, and study skills.

       • Builds testimonies of Jesus Christ and the Restoration.


It is available in two formats:

 LIVE is like a regular class. It’s just conducted online.
   ◦ COST: $150.00 per month, per student.

PRE-RECORDED may be PDF Only, PDF & Video, or mainly Video.
   • COST: $15.00 per month per family for 24/7 access.

Our Curricula is the product of the nearly 60 years our staff has been educating.

Our Curricula Begins with a DAILY DEVOTIONAL,

which points our students to God and brings the SPIRIT into our virtual classroom.

   We begin with a hymn or Primary song. Then, we pray in thanksgiving for our opportunities to learn and grow. Third, we ask for help with our studies and our ability to service others. Fourth, we end in the name of Jesus Christ.

We continue our day with BRAIN INTEGRATION EXERCISES,

opening the learning gates and preparing both our bodies and our spirits to learn.

  We know that crawling is an important milestone. Crawling helps the two sides of the brain learn to work together allowing things to pass from short term to long term memory. Brain integration exercises use these same techniques to train your brain to work as a whole to help children learn and retain information.

core subjects

5 daily classes

Click on the subjects below to watch introductory videos!

Social Studies

Additional subjects

Health & Fitness

This course includes instruction in foods and gardening, as well as growing fresh air, safe chemicals for the home, and regular health & fitness topics and activities.


Learning to Conduct Music, and Music Appreciation are also parts of this course. All students study instrumental music because of its great ability to integrate the brain and thereby improve learning capacity. Choral music also facilitates learning.

Arts & Crafts

This course includes basic art instruction in drawing and perspective as well as a wide range of crafts.
We believe that talents need discovering and developing and know of those whose talents discovered in
crafting have led to lifelong careers in such diverse areas as model-making and cake decorating. This
course also includes fundamental sewing skills and related arts. Art Appreciation is also part of this


In the Doctrine and Covenants 88:79; 90:15 and 93:53, the Lord has asked us to become acquainted
with “countries, kingdoms, languages, tongues, and peoples.” This is the why to our ongoing study of geography. Each student studies the subject at his own level, culminating with knowing all countries, their locations, physical and human geography, as well as the state of the Church therein. Includes knowing how to use a compass, drawing and reading maps, land forms, biomes, and more.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy covers Personal Money Management, plus Career Exploration, Business & Entrepreneurship, and understanding of the American money system.


Earn College Credit

Getting a head start!

Those enrolled in the Advanced Learning Levels may earn college credit for their courses.

Contact us today to find out how.


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