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Over the 23 years we have worked in education, we have developed our own curriculum from “out-of-the-best books,” from inspiration, and from experience. From these resources, we develop a customized curriculum for each student.

Brain Integration Exercises

We start off our day opening the learning gates and preparing both our bodies and our spirits to learn.


Ever heard that crawling is an important milestone? Crawling helps the two sides of the brain learn to work together allowing things to pass from short term to long term memory. Brain integration exercises use these same techniques to train your brain to work as a whole to help children learn and retain information.

core subjects

5 daily classes

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Social Studies

Additional subjects

Health & Fitness

This course includes instruction in foods and gardening, as well as growing fresh air, safe chemicals for the home, and regular health & fitness topics and activities.


All students study instrumental music because of its great ability to integrate the brain and thereby improve learning capacity. Choral music also facilitates learning.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy covers Personal Money Management, plus Career Exploration, Business & Entrepreneurship, and understanding of the American money system.
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Earn College Credit

Getting a head start!

Those enrolled in the Advanced Learning Levels may earn college credit for their courses.

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