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Latter-day Saint Education at Ascent has a Distinct Flavor.
We think you’ll like it. It’s character-building – Serious & Fun.

Our Mission…

Is to make a positive difference in the lives of our students by:
• Offering them a distinctive & excellent Latter-day Saint based education.
• Assisting them in developing a deep and abiding testimony of Jesus Christ.
• Helping them discover their talents and missions.

Ascent Advantage Academy Online

Current Online Courses and Their Times

To join an online class email us at aaafaculty@gmail.com
with a list of the classes you wish to join.
You will receive instruction by return email on how to do so.

All Times Are Mountain Daylight Saving Time

DAILY CLASSES: Monday through Friday

The Founders’ Bible I – 9:10-9:35 AM
The Founders’ Bible II – 2:00-2:55 PM
Scripture & American Heritage Course

English 1 – 10:40-11:05 AM
English 2 & 3 – 12:30-12:55 PM

Math I – 9:40 – 10:05 AM
Math 2 – 10:10 – 10:35 AM
Math 3 – 11:10 – 11:35 AM

Book of Mormon Study – 9:10-9:35 AM

Science 1 – 10:10 – 10:35 AM
Science 2 & 3 – 9:40 – 10:05 AM

US History 1 – 11:10 – 11:35 AM
US History 2 & 3 – 10:40 – 11:05 AM

Geography – 1:00 – 1:25 PM

Once-A-Week Classes: 1:30 – 1:55 PM
Monday – Arts & Crafts
Tuesday – Financial Literacy
Wednesday – Recorder Or Own Instrument
Thursday – Health & Fitness
Friday – Music Appreciation
***Course Descriptions are found under the Subject and Course Number
in the Curriculum Store. Needed books & other materials are also listed there.

Your Child’s Education: Secular or Godly?

Need motivation? A bit of history…

Your Child's Education: Secular or Godly?

In the beginning, when the Pilgrims first landed, when the Founding Fathers birthed our nation, we were a Bible-reading, Bible-believing people. For three, and well into the fourth century, the Bible was the main educational text. Thomas Jefferson, when President, was asked to be President of the Washington, D.C. school board. Being President of the country, he declined, but he did serve on the board as a regent and did outline the educational plan for the district. He chose two texts: the Bible and Watts Hymnal. The first federal education law passed by Congress, 1787, was the Northwest Ordinance. It called for public education that taught ‘religion, morality, and knowledge’. Those who came to our shores to learn the reason for our success as a nation, pointed to our faith-based education.

In Joseph Smith’s time the education system had deteriorated a bit. In his inaugural address as Mayor of Nauvoo, Joseph decried what he observed as the state of education and quoted Alexander’s Messenger with which views he agreed.

“Children are so instructed as to acquire a smattering of everything, and as a matter of consequence, they
know nothing properly. ….the mind of the pupil becomes a chaos; …and like the stomach when it it over-
loaded with a variety of food, it digests nothing, but converts the superabundant nutriment to poison…
Young people are taught… to repeat lessons which they are unable to apply;… but their mental energies
are clogged and torpified…, most of which is discarded from the brain long before the possessor knows how
to use it. This is the quackery of education.’” 1

In another fifty years, the First Presidency, President Taylor, and Counselors George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith, delivered the following epistle at October, 1886, General Conference.

“It is pleasing to know the increased feeling on the part of the Saints to have their children educated in
schools where the doctrines of the Gospel and the precious records which God has given us can be taught
and read. Our children should be indoctrinated with the principles of the Gospel from their earliest childhood. They should be made familiar with the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants. These
should be their chief text books, and everything should be done to establish in their hearts genuine faith in God,
in His Gospel and its ordinances, and in His works. But under our common school system this is impossible….
In no direction can we invest the means God has given us to better advantage than in the training of our youth
in principles of righteousness and in laying the foundation in their hearts of that pure faith which is restored to
the earth. We would like to see schools of this character, independent of the District School system, started in
all places where it is possible.” 2
1 – Revealed Educational Principles and the Public Schools, Jack Monnett, Appendix C, p. 249
2 – Ibid. p. 247

Twenty-three years ago, Apostle Boyd. K. Packer spoke of our modern education system:

“In many places it is literally not safe physically for youngsters to go to school. And in many schools and its becoming almost generally true it is spiritually unsafe to attend public schools. Look back over the history of education to the turn of the century and the beginning of the educational philosophies pragmatism and humanism were the early ones, and they branched out into a number of other philosophies which have led us now into a circumstance where our schools are producing the problems that we face.”
(Boyd K. Packer, Charge to the David O. McKay School of Education, December 1996.)

You now have the opportunity to avoid the downhill trend.

With Ascent Advantage Academy curriculum, and help from the Academy staff, you can establish Latter-day Saint education in your home. The scriptures will be taught. True principles in History, Science and other subjects will be taught. Your child will have the opportunity to apply what he is learning to his life and present circumstances. It is now your opportunity to invest in your children’s future, and nourish them in the good word of the Restored Gospel and Restored American Faith-Based Education.

Health Threats of ONLINE LEARNING Solved

Over the years, we have cautioned extensively about the threat that EMFs, cellphones, video games, and being online too much can pose to our students’ brain function and overall well-being. Now, we find ourselves in the curious position of promoting our own online academy!

Let’s be clear: Being online for hours at a time is not good, (Period!), UNLESS you know how to protect yourself. Here’s how.

  1 – For your eyes. Sit back from the monitor or screen or tablet. Look away –even close your eyes if you want, – just don’t go to sleep – when you             are listening to lectures, etc. You can even sit off to the side and take your notes. You don’t have to be right on top of your device.

2 – For your general health, it’s important to not sit all the time. So, at class breaks, get up, move around, do the Brain Integration Exercises. Get a          drink of water and stay hydrated.

 3 – Use protective devices. Nikken has a necklace which helps to eradicate the effects of EMFs, etc. I wear mine whenever I am working online.               Research and order here: https://www.nikken.com/na/

 4 – IF you have a lot of electronic devices in your home, you may wish to invest in a TOTAL SHIELD. This is what helped me (Mrs. K), overcome my           sensitivities to EMFs. Go here for more info: https://www.cutcat.com/item/Total_Shield/570.


You may be wondering, “What’s all the fuss about?” The following stories should clue you in.

A Couple of Stories:

The Brothers’ Christmas

Several years ago, a pair of brothers came to the school and did very well, A’s and B’s all the time. But, after Christmas their grades deteriorated to C’s and D’s and even F’s. What was happening? Upon investigation we found that they had received an X-Box for Christmas and were playing the game every free moment. We asked the parents to conduct an experiment: Take the X-Box away from Saturday night through Friday, after School. It didn’t take long for the grades to rebound because the boys’ brains were no longer continually bombarded by EMF’s, electromagnetic frequencies. We later experienced much the same result with a young man who spent his life on his computer. When he spent only two hours a day, his complexion changed from pale to rosy and his brain from mush back to the genius he was!

Mrs. K’s Double Encounter with EMFs

Back in 2007, Mrs. K, our Director, had a bad bout with EMFs. Feeling completely worn-out and dragging she visited her doctor. He tested and told her that she had the least amount of energy of anyone he’d seen who was still walking around! Further testing showed an EMF allergy.


“Do you live by a Power Station?” He asked.


“No,” she said. Then, puzzled, she added, “Does having wires across the front of our property, down both sides, across the back and diagonally across the backyard count?”


The doctor told her she either had to move or purchase an expensive little gadget that would disrupt the EMFs and allow her to continue living in her home. She purchased the gadget and within days felt like her old self again.


Fast forward a couple of years. The house was being rearranged. Mrs. K. began feeling poorly. She asked her husband if the ‘gizmo’ had been plugged back in when it was moved. No, it hadn’t been. He thought it really didn’t have an effect, but it did.


Fast forward to October, 2018. Mrs. K. was feeling bad again. She researched the gizmo and found that in the 11 years since she first purchased her EMF disrupter much had changed. The vast increase in cell towers and the massive increase in the use of computers and other electronic devices had required the company to make more powerful models. At this point, she had four computers in her home, Wi-Fi, and was living in a sea of student apartments, each with Wi-Fi and at least four cell phones and four computers. She ordered the newer, stronger model. Shortly after plugging it in, she was again OK.

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