7 – What Matters Most: The Power of Living Your Values


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The contents of this course follow the contents of the book by the same name, written by Hyrum W. Smith. It is a Franklin/Covey book about achieving success in life and business.

1 – The Power of Knowing Who Who Are
– Heroes: People Who Know Who They Are
– One Hundred Years Ago People Had More Time
– Someday I’m Going to…

2 – Discover the Matters Most to You
– What E’er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part
– What Are Your Governing Values?
– What Is Your Personal Mission in life?
– The Greatest Force in Creation…

3 – Doing Something About What Matters Most
– Use the Inherent Power in Planning
– Make It So!
– What’s On Your Belief Window?

4 – What Matters Most – The Broader View
– Organizations Also Need to Know Who They Are
– What Matters Most: Influence in a Wide Circle
– Life Is Not Set in Concrete
– Your Inner Reward: Living the Abundant Life
– You Can Do It!

Required Materials:

What Matters Most: The Power of Living Your Values – $16.67 (Paperback); $22.99 (Hardback) Ask about both versions in used or rental copies.

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