LA 101 – Learning to Read & Write


Ascent Original Course

  • How mankind learned to read & write
  • Why mankind learned to read & write
  • Basic penmanship strokes
  • How to print letters correctly
  • How language works
  • Phonics
  • Blending
  • Word & Letter Grids ala Noah Webster
  • 300 Most Common Words
  • Listening Skills
  • Basic Study Skills
  • Basic Literary Analysis
  • 7 Habits of Happy Kids
  • Definition of a Sentence
  • Four Sentence Types & Their Punctuation
  • Story Creation
  • Beginning Spelling & Vocabulary
  • Oral Presentations

Reading Texts

  • Church published Scripture Storybooks
  • The Friend

Enrollment in Ben Carson Reading Club
(Dr. Ben Carson, world renowned pediatric brain surgeon, past
presidential candidate (2016), and now Secretary of Housing and
Urban Development, was among the lowest achievers in his
elementary school. His mother, Sonya Carson, concerned about
Ben’s and his brother’s lackluster performances sought answers in
prayer. The answer was to have the boys cut-out their excess TV
watching, and read and submit written reports on two books per
week. In a short period of time both boys were at the top of their
respective classes.)
144 Lesson Syllabii – 2 Binders

*You will need the following books for this course:
7 Habits of Happy Kids
Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, Book of Mormon Stories, Doctrine and Covenant Stories
Also needed: Subscription to The Friend – $8.00 per Year through Church Distribution

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