Language Arts I – Learning to Read, Write and More


Available by September 1, 2020

Learning to read and write using correct principles is vital to learning to read and write well.

Fact:  Learning to write (penmanship) in an incorrect manner can cause educational ‘dis-abilities’!   FACT: Many student graduate from the  public system without being able to read, that is either decode the written page or comprehend what is read, or both.  By having ALL of  our students climb the Language Arts ladder of courses from this course on,  we assure that they ALL have the tools they need to read, understand, and otherwise communicate effectively.  Note:  Most older student test-out of this area within a week or two.  If there is a problem in how they were taught, it is caught and corrected.

Language Arts 1 contains 252 lessons (7 a week – three days of 2 lessons and one day of 1 lesson over a 36 week period)

Lessons include:

  • Alphabet phonics
  • The 25 Most Common Words (Account for 33% of the words on a written page.)
  • How Language Works
  • How Mankind Learned to Read and Why
  • Immediate Immersion into reading REAL Books
  • Multi-syllable Words
  • Word Grids
  • Basic Spelling
  • Syllabication and Accent Rules
  • Basic Grammar and Sentence, Paragraph, Report, Essay, and Story Structure.
  • Introduction to Poetry
  • Basic Study Skills
  • Membership in the John A. Widstoe Reading Club – Reading 10 minutes a day first semester; 15 minutes a day second semester
  • The 5 Habits of Happy Kids (Sean Covey) – Purchase from amazon, new $12.99 or used  $2.00 & up
  • Old Testament Stories – Purchase from or  $4.30
  • Fun materials and activities for practice.
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