Math Level 1 & 2: Numbers and Number Sense, Basic Arithmetic + – x /


This course covers Preschool through 3rd and some 4th grade math.  It is comprised of incremental units, each with its own objectives.

  • Unit One:  Finger Counting, Numbers & Numerals, Quantity, Number books, Time at the Hour through 10
  • Unit Two – Shapes – Planar, Patterns & Colors, Point, Line and Vertices
  • Unit Three:  Finger and Object Addition and Subtraction; Commutative and Associative Properties of Addition; Identity Properties of Addition & Subtraction
  • Unit Four:  Spatial Reasoning
  • Unit Five:  Place Value to 100, Paper Addition and Subtraction, Time at the hour through 12
  • Unit Six:  Uses of Math – Story Problems, Introduction of Time at half and quarter hours, every 5 minutes and money; Decimal addition and subtraction
  • Unit Seven:  Measurement – Linear, perimeter, weight, pounds
  • Unit Eight:  Fraction Math –  Recipes, regular, making bigger and smaller batches
  • Unit Nine:  Introduction of Multiplication and Division – Facts I; Commutative & Associative Properties of Multiplication; Identity Properties of Multiplication and Division
  • Unit Ten:  Multiplication and Division Facts II; Place Values through One Trillion
  • Unit Eleven:  Divisibility Rules, Factors, Prime, Composites, Factor Trees
  • Unit Twelve:  Graphs and Charts, Expanded Notation,  Rounding Off,  Estimation, Decimal Multiplication and Division
  • Unit Thirteen:  Planar Shape – The Circle with Area & Circumference, Radius;  Solid Shapes with Surface Area and Volume
  • Unit Fourteen: Order of Operations (PEMDAS)
  • Unit Fifteen:  Signed Numbers
  • Unit Sixteen:  Course Final
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