8 – The Divine Art of Music, plus Composers and Their Music. Pt 2



Syllabus $4.95

In this course:

– You will be tutored by Michael Ballam, one of the most knowledgeable musicians on the planet in regard to The Divine Art of Music
– You will also be asked to continue playing an instrument whether that be the keyboard or piano or another instrument of choice.
– – Requirement: Send in a video each quarter showing your improvement in playing your chosen instrument and, if applicable, your participation in a group.

– You will learn about selected Western composers and their music.
– You will learn about the Spiritual aspects of the lives of some of the composers.
– You will be asked to attend or listen to or watch two concerts of classical western music performed by orchestras.
– You will also be asked to join a choir at church or elsewhere, where you can develop your vocal talent. Requirement: A signed affidavit from the coral conductor as to your attendance and participation.

Required Materials:

– The Divine Art of Music – 2 CD Set – $19.95 available at michaelballam.com
– Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers – $8.95
– – Used in Music Courses 7-10
– Accent on Composer Vol I – $29.29 Ask about used or rental copies
– – Used in Music Courses 7 & 8

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