US History 1A

For Elementary Ages – American History to 1791 and the launch of the Republic.
Available Winter-Spring Semester, 2020

Instructor: Mr. K.

Content: The back story of the founding of America, including some of the miracles that
occurred, covering the story of the land from the beginning through exploration,
colonization, independence, the Constitution, and the heroes of those times.

Miracles in American History by Susan and William Federer, $16.39
Exploring American History by D. H. Montgomery, 2nd Edition, $10.49 @
A Child’s Story of America, Second Edition, Christian Liberty Press, $9.39 @
100 – 3” x 5” colored index cards; 100 White 3” x 5” index cards

Course Schedule and Supplemental Materials are in the Courses Area.

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