US History 3A

Content: Attention to the Heritage of the Land and How It Affects Us Today; Prelude to the
Restoration: From the Polos to Columbus, Discovery through Independence, the
Establishment of the Republic under the Constitution, and the Early Years of the
Republic; The Restoration and Its Times; Civil War and Reconstruction.

Miracles in American History by Susan and William Federer, $16.39
United States History, Fourth Edition, Timothy Keesee & Mark Sidwell, BJU Press,
$16.00 & Up Used; $68.98 New
Student Activities United States History for Use with 4th Edition, $9.00 & Up Used;
$39.97 New.
Rand McNally Atlas of American History – $6.49
200 – 3” x 5” colored index cards; 100 White 3” x 5” index cards

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